Who is BROWN?


Brown was founded by a group of young Cambodian entrepreneurs, inspired by the great, big world and really good coffee. A new coffee culture has taken over the great cities of the world: Rome, London, Seattle, Melbourne, Singapore. Premium ingredients and unique tastes that celebrate tradition and culture. Coffee culture brings people together and creates spaces to relax, to work, to connect with friends, to hang out over good food and drink. Coffee culture can elevate a city. Since 2009, Brown has brought coffee culture to Cambodia. Through the best coffee that we roast in house, 14 (and counting!) iconic spaces designed with a modern Khmer spirit, a lively environment, and friendly customer service. Taste the good life.


From humble beginnings grow great things. What started off as a staff of less than 10 has grown to a staff of hundreds in just 6 years. We believe in treating our staff like family. Because when people love what they do, they do good work. The Brown Coffee family is committed to excellence and to providing friendly and welcoming service. From our Baristas to our Chefs to our Head of Human Resources, we embrace an environment of teamwork and personal growth.

What we have done for Brown?


BROWN is the outstanding local brand coffee shop in Cambodia create by young and talented Cambodian.

The website challenging is it made from scratch with a few people include us. BROWN have a creative design and our job is the make it happend no matter what.

After version 1 had launched for 3 years, BROWN’ website had a completely new look and feel, then we have a second oppotunity to make it possible again, but this time we make it more advance with connect it to their POS system and have a powerful backend. the performance is much much better. we also build them the API which make 3rd party app to connect to the website and POS system for other collaboration campaign.


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