Lemon Fudge! Srok Khmer

You may have eaten a brownie or a cake that my county calls duck eggs. This cake is delicious and everyone likes it, well, maybe not a year, make three or four birthdays !!! Right? Or would you like to exchange gifts?


Back to Topics! In fact, the cake is sweet but should taste good? Dude, and I recommend egg yolks! Oh no, it’s the Lemon Fudge in the US, called Lemon Fudge.


Ok, now pull the knife, pull the ax! Start all together.

The ingredients

One and a half teaspoons and 6 tablespoons butter
Vanilla Three Bites (300g) or White Chips (Chocolate Chocolate Pie) or your favorite candy bars
Two-thirds cup of sweetened condensed milk
Dissolve 2/3 cup Marshmallow
One or half teaspoons lemon juice

Uh oh! No eggs, no eggs? Because it’s like a duck egg and want to call it dont?

How to do it

Put a square pan (aluminum foil if available), add 1 or half teaspoon of butter and set aside.

Lemon Fudge! Srok Khmer

Heat another large pan to melt the remaining butter. Add chocolates and cooked milk and stir for 10-12 minutes or until chocolate is melted.

Dissolve and stir the marshmallow cream for 3-4 minutes or until smooth. Pour into prepared pan. Freeze until patented.

Lemon Fudge! Srok Khmer

Take the cake out of the pan, discard the aluminum (if you prefer, optional), cut the square or female shape, optional. Refrigerate when needed again.


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