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The Advocacy and Policy Institute (API) is a Cambodian non-governmental organisation active in advocacy, policy influencing, good governance and civic engagement. Capacity building and dialogue facilitation are at the heart of our efforts towards democratic and sustainable development.

They have received widespread aclaim from both local and international organisations for our reliability, relevance and professionalism. Over a time span of almost two decades, API has helped institutionalise advocacy skills and has been striving to make local democratic and accountable governance a reality. To these ends, they have been conducting more than 300 training courses for over 10,000 participants affiliated with civil society and community-based organisations, local councils, media outlets, trade unions, Government institutions and the Cambodian Parliament.

API is unique in Cambodia’s civil society in serving as a connector and facilitator for citizens’ empowerment in their interaction with government at all levels. API has acquired first-hand experience on policy issues like access to information (A2I) through its grassroots work. Based on this vast experience, they are in the best position to make the voices of ordinary citizens count in policy-making at the national level. Here they have been trying to support government actors serve citizens according to the law and contribute to an enabling environment for citizens and civil society to express their concerns. Finally, they have been playing an important role in helping citizens understand their rights, access to information and make use of the opportunities for engagement offered by various laws and government policies.

Our programmes are guided by a human rights based approach. API serves all Cambodians and values the diversity of gender, sexual orientation and identity, (dis)ability, ethnicity, faith and political opinons. At the same time, they are especially committed to support the most disadvantaged in their efforts to make their voices heard.

What we have been doing with API CAMBODIA?

API Institute Cambodia : Web Development
website home page

Working with API Team, is incredible. we have fun and sad time together, we work day and night together, we inspect together. API team is very strict and detail oriented. We both focus on quality of product and make sure we are 100% archive the outcome.

The challenging is that their design and concept are always new, which require our flexibility skill to make it happend in a very fast. below are serveral tool that we have build on the platform for them.

API Institute Cambodia : Web Development
booking system

Booking system, is build from scratch and intergrated with 3rd party payment gateway. the system have serveral step of flow to complete the transaction and all data are captured and secured. The API team can view and manage on the booking very easy on the backend.

With the Static Page Translation Engine, user can translate static page without asking developer to help them when they want to change those static part of the website.

The Hybrid Content, which are almost the same to dynamic part of the website that user can use JSON for update website content without looking to complication of codes.

And the very responsive CMS for manage dynamic part of website and other working process of the website.

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